Taking a bit of summer into autumn …

Last weekend the sun finally managed to get through the clouds, so we decided to make a trip to Askimbadet, a beach a bit south from Göteborg.


It wasn’t that sunny in the end, but it was just really good to smell the salt in the air and enjoy the wind 🙂 And I did something I haven’t done in years – collecting shells. Small ones, big ones, broken ones, beautiful ones. I had no idea what to use them for but the whole sea-sand-beach-setting reminded me of the many shells me and my brother collected as children and how happy we were when we found some special ones.

Getting back a lot of happy childhood memories… 🙂

Back at home I cleaned the shells and decided to use them for a candle decoration that would bring some summer feeling into our apartment, now that autumn is coming and it’s getting a bit greyer and darker everyday. So, I took two preserving jars you usually use for making jam or so.

I filled them with sand I had home and put a small tea light in the middle. I used so much sand that the tea light was still in the jar, so that I would be able to close it if I wanted to (e.g. when giving it away as a present). Then I put the shells around the tea light. I mixed smaller and bigger ones and placed them showing in different directions. This way, I got kind of a “unorganized” look instead of using only big or only small ones or placing them all the same way.

Makes the autumn darkness much better, doesn’t it?

Hope you like it too and maybe find your own ways of keeping summer close during the colder part of the year 🙂

PS: You should check out my friend Hanna’s blog I mentioned yesterday: Surflainen – learning how to surf

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