Fabric Monday!

After the first sewing mission in the new apartment, my sewing machine has been on a little holiday for the last couple of days, or actually weeks. So I decided it’s time to get her (yes, my sewing machine is female, probably because in german it is the female word “die Nähmaschine” and it is just too hard to get rid of a word’s gender) out again and start a new project.

Now – I do have a lot of unused fabric that I bought some time ago or that is left over from other sewing projects. But the thing is that I sometimes need some additional inspiration. In today’s case, I went to the city to hunt down some new fabric. My first – and actually only stop – was the Marimekko store that opened not so long ago at the corner of Korsgatan/Vallgatan.

For those who don’t know, Marimekko is a finnish design company that was founded in 1951. Marimekko has almost everything you could possibly need for making your home and your life pretty – dishes and bedlinen, shower curtains and kitchenware, clothes and towels, accessories and design books, bags and fabrics. It is particularly known for its special colours, prints and designs and its good quality. I don’t think it is an understatement to say that I love their products! I might have even heard from some people that I am a kind of crazy about it … 😉

The great thing about the Marimekko shop is also that they always have some “leftover fabric” on sale; because the fabric is going out of the product range, it has a weaving error or because it is just a really small piece. And today I was very lucky – I got three different pieces of fabric that were all 50% off!

The left one is called “Jurmo” and was designed by Aino-Maija Metsola. They have it also in blue-white and orange-purple which both also grew on me (but were not on sale, so I went for this one).

The one in the middle is called “Siirtolapuutarha” and its designer is Maija Louekari. I think the colour combination is actually a bit crazy – red with pink, lila, yellow, turquoise … that sounds like a colour-overdose! However, as the colours are kind of bounded by the flowery forms, it doesn’t get too overwhelming but is just a very happy fabric.

The third one goes by the name of “Hippiäinen”, also designed by Aino-Maija Metsola. What I liked about this one is the “smallness” of the pattern. With many fabrics I have the problem that the forms and figures are so big that I only get their whole effect when I use them for big things – pillow cases, blankets, table clothes. This one is the exact opposite! As the leaves and flowers are really small, I think that fabric will have an even bigger effect when I use it for small things. The colours are quite dark, but the randomly scattered little yellow flowers take some of this darkness away. I’m thinking of combining it with yellow buttons or applications – now I just need to come up with something to sew from it.

Quite a successful inspiration hunt, wasn’t it? Let’s see where it will lead me …

PS: I’ve actually been thinking about naming my sewing machine … any suggestions? 🙂


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