Big city life!

I am currently in Stockholm, weekend holiday in the big city. I’ve been here quite often and the city is simply amazing – the water, the architecture, the shops, the people, the feeling. It is a city where I discover something new everytime I’m here.

However, there are also places that are on my to-do-list everytime I come here. One of them is Fotografiska, Stockholm’s Museum for Photography, where I am right now. I’ve seen a lot of memorable exhibitions here, especially Annie Leibovitz and also Lennart Nilsson with his touching pictures about the development of a child.

Today I visited an exhibition about Christer Strömholm, next to Nilsson probably the most important and famous swedish photographer. I am not going to try to describe his work – it would not even get close to what stories his pictures tell, what effect they have. But in the exhibition I stumbled over a quote from CHR – that’s how he called himself as a photographer – which I think says a lot about photography itself and what it can do and mean to people that are in love with cameras and with catching special moments:

“Att arbeta med fotografisk bild är för mig ett sätt att leva. När jag tänker efter och tittar noga på mina bilder så är de alla, på sitt speciella sätt, ingenting annat än självporträtt, en del av mitt liv.”

“For me, working with the photographic image is a way of life. When I think back and look carefully at my pictures, they are all, in their special way, nothing but self-portraits, a part of my life.”

Christer Strömholm, 1983

I couldn’t say it better myself. His pictures and the information about his life and his way of working was really inspiring and I can wait to finish up my lunch here and get back out to the city with my camera, looking for pretty things …


One thought on “Big city life!

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