Long time no see …

My blog-self-discipline has been suffering for quite a while now – but I’ll make it up with some amazing autumn pictures from my trip to Austria 🙂

I went to Austria for a whole week to see friends and family and to pack some things that I forgot to take with me when I moved to Sweden 😉 First stop was Vienna, it was amazing to meet my friends there and visit some my favourite places all over town!

After that it was time for experiencing Austrian countryside 😉 I went back home to my parents’ place and together with my brother we enjoyed the most amazing sunny autumn-sunday! We made a trip to a small village called Altaussee, surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes. We walked around the Altaussee lake which can be accessed directly from the village. I will not even try to describe its beauty but just let the pictures speak for themselves …

2 thoughts on “Long time no see …

  1. Lovely photos! So jealous. We had been planning a trip to Austria (among other countries) for next summer, but have had to postpone it due a family illness. I will have to live vicariously through other people in the meantime, so thanks!!

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