… a day in my life …

Last week I visited the Word Culture Museum in Göteborg. They currently have an exhibition called “A Day in the World”. It is a photo exhibition about a photo project that took place all around the world – on the exact same day, namely Tuesday May 15th 2012. Everybody could take part in it by simply taking a picture of something in his or her daily life: pets, nature, children, food, portraits, furniture, cleaning stuff, clothes, things … Out of the about 100.000 photos that were taken in the project, a couple of hundreds were shown in the exhibition – some of them simply as they are, some of them with a short info from the photographers themselves about what made them take exactly that picture.

It might sound not that special but the result was really inspiring and touching and can’t be described in words … so just have a look yourself at ADAY.org and convince yourself how amazing and pretty life is 🙂

Sewing iWhatever-sleeve …

When I unpacked my sewing machine yesterday (yes, again, I let her rest too long) I remembered my last big sewing project and the non-existing blog post about it… I finished it quite some while ago but couldn’t post about it as it was part of my mum’s birthday present. This year’s present was an iPad and in order to keep it without scratches I made an iPad-sleeve for it. Of course there are hundreds of thousands of amazing iPad-sleeves out there to buy. I especially like the ones from Freitag (as well as their bags, iPhone-sleeves, laptop-sleeves and so on and on and on), but as it’s my mum I wanted to give her a special one 😉 And without wanting to praise myself, the sleeve turned out pretty awesome and that is why I wanna share it 🙂

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Flower Power

Exactly a week ago I went to this pretty little flower shop in the city called “Blomsterkrukan” (which can be translated with flower pot) and bought those amazing flowers… One would think that after a week they would start to wither – no way! They are blooming more and more from day to day and there are still some green buds which will hopefully be as pretty as the other blossoms 🙂