Sewing iWhatever-sleeve …

When I unpacked my sewing machine yesterday (yes, again, I let her rest too long) I remembered my last big sewing project and the non-existing blog post about it… I finished it quite some while ago but couldn’t post about it as it was part of my mum’s birthday present. This year’s present was an iPad and in order to keep it without scratches I made an iPad-sleeve for it. Of course there are hundreds of thousands of amazing iPad-sleeves out there to buy. I especially like the ones from Freitag (as well as their bags, iPhone-sleeves, laptop-sleeves and so on and on and on), but as it’s my mum I wanted to give her a special one 😉 And without wanting to praise myself, the sleeve turned out pretty awesome and that is why I wanna share it 🙂

The most difficult question: what fabric to use???

My mum is probably as crazy about Marimekko as I am (if not even more), so I decided to use one of the fabrics that I got on my very successful Fabric Monday shopping trip. Then I googled different instructions how to best sew the sleeve and finally fixed my own way to do it.

In order to make the iPad fit I needed the measurements and according to them I cut two pieces of the fabric and one piece of fleece for filling the sleeve and make it soft and thick. I added about two centimeters seam allowance at every side and also about two centimeters to the iPad-width and -length, so that the sleeve wouldn’t be too tight. To actually get three pieces of the same size, I made a model out of baking paper, pinned it to the fabrics and started cutting.

Then I placed the three pieces on top of each other – first  the fleece and then the two Marimekko-pieces. I put the pretty sides of those two pieces “face-to-face” so that I had them on the outside when I would turn the sleeve later on.

Once pinned together, I sewed along the long sides and the flap, leaving the short side open for turning it inside out. And that looked like this:

The next step was to close the short side. For that, I folded in about a centimeter, pinned it together and sewed it with a simple straight stitch. Of course it is also possible to use some fancy decorative stitch but my beloved sewing machine is a pretty basic one, so straight it was…

After that it basically looked like the same as it did when I turned it inside out, just with a closed short side. Now the tricky part was to fold it lengthwise, sew together the edges and make sure that the iPad will actually fit in afterwards – tricky because I do not have an iPad I could use for measuring. So I just took a piece of cardboard, cut it to the size of an iPad, put it on the fabric and folded the sleeve according to it’s size. Sides pinned together, sewed with the same straight stitch as the short side and that was it – it finally started to look like a sleeve! 🙂

Last but not least I needed to take care of the flap. My first thought was to make an actual button hole – too ambitious for a sewing beginner like me was my next thought. However, the alternative turned out to be not that easy either: I used a snap fastener. Seriously, who would have thought that fixing the snap button took me longer than sewing the whole sleeve?!?

After a failed attempt – I didn’t think it all through and my handmade stitches went through all layers of fabric, not so pretty on the outer side of the flap – I finally got it working. And as far as I know the fasteners are still on the same spot and working 😉

It would have been ready to use it was it was now. But I’ve already bought a button for my button-hole-idea and did not want it to be unused. So I just attached it to the flaps outside where it looks like you could actually really use it…

Afterwards I was thinking that I could have also made a line of straight stitches around the flap and the lower edge to make it fit with the sides. But I think it looks pretty good anyway – and my mum loved it 😉

PS: Thanks to my dad – without his great idea of giving my mum an iPad for her birthday I would have never sewed the iPod-case and consequently neither the iPhone-case nor the upcoming MacBook-case 🙂

PPS: In one of my last posts I asked about name suggestions for my sewing machine. I got some really nice suggestions but am still looking for the right one. Maybe a picture gets your creativity going?

4 thoughts on “Sewing iWhatever-sleeve …

  1. Oh wow, that looks soooooo nice! The fabric is great and the button is that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ of the sleeve 🙂 You should actually start a career in i-whatever sleeves (i love the name btw and i would definitely buy one for my macbook)! 🙂 And: belated happy birthday to your mum!

    PS: it’s ten in the morning, not yet creative enough for giving your sewing-machine a name 😛

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