It’s the most wonderful time of the year …

… it’s Christmas Time, finally! So from now on it’s Christmas cookies, Christmas presents, Christmas decoration, Christmas markets, Christmas punch, Christmas calendar, Christmas baking, Christmas everything 🙂

And what could be more fitting for December 1st than the most amazing, self-made Christmas calendar from my mum! Although I’m already more than quarter of a century old, I still get a Christmas calendar from here every year 🙂

The great thing about those calendars is that they are usually not only filled with small sweets – they always have a very particular background story: The year before I went to Sweden for studying, it was filled with little info-sheets about Sweden and its traditions, facts, inhabitants and so on… The calendar after I came back from Sweden contained info-sheets about what happens in Göteborg during Christmas time – of very big use this year… 😉

Then I remember one year where the focus was the swedish-finnish troll family of the Moomins. Everyday I found a little piece of paper in the calendar, one after the other telling me the Moomin-Christmas-Story. And to top it, my mum even added some Moomin-shaped cookie cutters!!

Sooo, now it’s time for this year’s calendar – I’m off to opening the first day now… 🙂


PS: More Christmas posts to come… 😉

3 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year …

    • Well, there were some sweets and a little Christmas decoration… But this year’s subject is riddles! So everyday I get a riddle to solve… Let’s see what’s the outcome in the end 🙂

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