Candle in the Winter

Life is much prettier with candles. They make it warmer, cosier, really homey. And when are those feelings more important than during winter and Christmas time? Exactly: This time of the year is candle time!

Throughout the year I keep my candles quite plain and the way the are – just put them in a nice candle holder or on a special candle plate and there you go. But when it comes to Christmas it is all about thinking big. So during Christmas even my candles should feel special 😉 And that’s why I put some extra effort into their decoration…


Tea candles in simple glass holders might seem a bit too boring. But I just put them next to a vase with deco stuff inside – a couple of Christmas tree balls and straw decoration, a tree cone and some berries and green things like mistletoes  – and suddenly they feel as “christmassy” as I do 😉


Vases are like a magic wand – there’s so much you can do with them! I took a very plain one, put a white candle in and filled it with different deco things: again some small Christmas tree balls and then cinnamon sticks and anise stars. That does not only look pretty but also smell really good. And also lanterns can help with the Christmas feeling – just put a big red bow and a star on them and there you go! AND YESSSS – the white thing you can see through the window is actually SNOW!!! 🙂


I think this one is my favorite self-made Christmas decoration this year. The inspiration for it were the many pretty candle-adventwreath-deco-thingies my mum made during the last years. So when she was here in Sweden a couple of weeks ago, the big task for her was to prepare me as good as possible for making my own pretty candle-adventwreath-deco-thingie – and I have to say, she once again did an amazing job and gave me great hints! 😉 This decoration starts with a candle again, red this time. Then I simply put some fir branches around it and again a tree cone and some berries. Instead of small Christmas tree balls I added it with two red hearts, a small and a big one that my mum and I found in an interior design store here. They are not all shiny but a bit rusty which fits really well with the nature-feeling of the bowl. I finished it with a piece of sparkly-red ribbon that I put around the bottom of the candle.


Last but not least – what would all the candles be without matches to light them? Christmas ones of course… 😉

PS: A question for all of you in the end… I have had quite some discussions about whether to use real candles on the Christmas tree or to use an electrical lighting chain – what is your tradition with Christmas tree lights?


One thought on “Candle in the Winter

  1. Nice deco-ideas! I love the picture where you can see the city lights – awesome!

    Real candles, of course! What would be Christmas without constantly worrying that the Christmas tree will catch on fire 😉

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