O Tannenbaum

Red, green and white are my favorite Christmas colors, they spend so much warmth and cosiness… and  if the snow takes its time again, the white makes up for it 😉

It is still two weeks to go to Christmas, but it’s never too early to get everything ready for it. So, yesterday we went to get our Christmas tree (by public transport – people look like they’ve never seen trees before, when you carry one through almost the whole city and into a bus – big thanks to Joonas for the carrying). We are not spending Christmas here in Sweden, but for me a Christmas tree is an absolute must-have and the best way to use all my Christmas colors. And as we are not here for the big day itself, I’ve decided to decorate it already now! 🙂




PS: Getting back to my question about real candles or lighting chains for the Christmas tree: For me, it has to be real candles. But as this is not at all common in Sweden, it was impossible to find tree candle holders. That’s why I ended up buying a lighting chain. Which I in the end did NOT use because it was so ugly and destroyed the beauty of our tree. So, I basically got what I wanted – a Christmas tree without lighting chain 😉

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