The Notebook

For the last week, I’ve tried to find a pretty scratchbook-notepad-writingbook-thingie. One with a pretty cover, not just some white or grey or black one that says “notepad” on it. But not one with pink cheesy flowers or weird abstract patterns either. I wanted to use it for sketching my sewing and decoration ideas or any other pretty thoughts coming to my mind. So I wanted it to be inspiring and it should somehow fit my personality and the purpose. I know, I know, quite some requirements. But creativity needs special surroundings, doesn’t it?  Continue reading

Spring Preparations

One of my favorite swedish interior-decoration-design brands is Village. I bought a lot of this year’s Christmas decoration there as I left most of mine back home in Austria when moving to Sweden. And every single cookie box, Christmas tree ball or table cloth I bought there turned out to be a really good buy and made me and Christmas time even more special.

Now, when I cleaned up my wallet yesterday I discovered that I have a -20% voucher from Village left, that I got as a Thank You for one of my decoration shopping. Lucky me! And as it happens, the voucher is only valid until end of January. Which basically means that I should really go to the local store this week and make sure I do not waste those precious -20%, right? 😉  Continue reading

Girls, Girls, Girls

Today it was due date. Due date for finally packing away the Christmas decoration. And I have to admit that I got a bit sad when I put everything in its boxes. As it is not yet really time for spring decoration, the apartment feels really empty now. Luckily I have the best distraction coming up tonight – Hanna and I are gonna have a real Girls Movie Night 🙂 Continue reading

A bunch of frozen lavender hair, please!

Winter is treating me well right now – it’s getting colder every day which also means that those three centimeters of snow are still out there and seem to stay for a couple of more days, yay!

I think winter is one of the most perfect times of the year to relive some childhood memories … going sledging, making snowball fights, hiding in igloos and of course building snowmen! As my little brother is unfortunately living too far away for reliving those memories with me, I dragged Joonas out into the cold and made him build a snowman with me – thanks 🙂 Continue reading