Resolutions. Or so.

After two weeks of Christmas-NYE-Visitors-Everything-Is-Upside-Down the New Year is finally arriving in my life too and I’m getting back to a daily routine, including blogging 🙂

And what else could be the perfect subject for the first post in the New Year than New Year’s Resolutions, ha?! Probably really boring as you can read something about it everywhere. But I’ll still write about it. It’s my blog after all 😉

So. New Year’s Resolutions. I hate them. Really. I haven’t made any for years. And before that it was those boring things like doing more sports, eating healthier etc. And I never kept them – reason enough for me not to make them anymore. But my antipathy towards New Year’s Resolution doesn’t mean that I think bad of resolutions itself. I think it’s really good and important to resolve to do something, whether it’s going to gym, traveling more, sponsoring a godchild or cleaning the windows more often. However, I think that you don’t need a New Year to make them – or to keep them, for that matter. I actually think it’s much better and efficient to make them when you feel like it. This way, they are also easier to keep cause you’re probably more motivated for it.

And although I’m such a vehement opponent of New Year’s Resolutions, I ended up with two this year. Yes, guilty. But I just couldn’t get away. We had this awesome Bonnie&Clyde-NYE-party at our place, with a lot of friends from a lot of different countries, all dressed as if they had just traveled into the future from the 1920s. And at some point before midnight someone had the idea of making New Year’s Resolutions – in the group, so that everybody could hear and witness them 😛

On the one hand, it was a lot of fun and great to hear what people can come up with last minute. On the other hand, it was a really bad idea because I HAD to come up with something. And as it was about ten people before it was my turn, all my ideas felt kind of stupid. One of the persons before me was my brother. He wants to compete in at least one or two triathlons and if possible do it for some charity organization (I’m kind of wondering whether he actually remembers his resolution, considering his consumption of sparkling wine). Isn’t that something?! There I was with my “I’ll do more sports” … Another friend shocked me with her last year’s resolutions. She had 14. And she fulfilled 9 of them! How do people do that?! Or – how do people even find the courage to make up that many resolutions?

Of course I also thought of some things when it was my turn. But I’ve decided for myself that I will just not call them New Year’s Resolutions. As it is the first time that I start a New Year in my new home country, I’ll just call them Swedish Resolutions. Does that count? 🙂

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