My Pretty-Things-Drawer

When doing the first proper clean-up in the new year, I found a lot of stuff all over our apartment that didn’t really have a place – Christmas and birthday cards, the content of my mum’s Christmas calendar, my hair decoration from our NYE party and so on and on and on… As the clean-up itself took already quite some time, I was too tired to store the stuff properly right away. So I just put it into one of the drawers of my bedside table – which has already been filled with a lot of pretty memory things, phone rechargers and old glasses. And after this load it looked like this…


Also the bookcrossing-book I found during Christmas holidays was in the drawer – reminded me of reading it and joining bookcrossing!

Today it was time to get it re-organized. Good that my bedside table has two drawers and that the second one was almost empty. Not so good that the bedside table was left behind from the people who lived in the apartment before us and that they apparently spilled something in it…


Do not wanna know what it is…

As I wanted to put some of my prettiest things in there, I wanted the drawer itself to be pretty too, so that all the things will feel comfortable 😉 I took a piece of wrapping paper, cut it to the inner-size of the drawer and taped it in…


Pretty Coloured Dots

And then it was time to sort out all the things, throw away old bills, put things that do belong somewhere totally else to their place and arrange my pretty things in their new home…


I’m wondering whether I’ll ever use my NYE feathers at another occasion 😉

2 thoughts on “My Pretty-Things-Drawer

    • Thanks a lot! 🙂 It’s a great feeling… and ever since I’ve cleaned it, I open it from time to time just for looking at all the memorable, pretty things, as I can now actually see them 😉

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