Spring Preparations

One of my favorite swedish interior-decoration-design brands is Village. I bought a lot of this year’s Christmas decoration there as I left most of mine back home in Austria when moving to Sweden. And every single cookie box, Christmas tree ball or table cloth I bought there turned out to be a really good buy and made me and Christmas time even more special.

Now, when I cleaned up my wallet yesterday I discovered that I have a -20% voucher from Village left, that I got as a Thank You for one of my decoration shopping. Lucky me! And as it happens, the voucher is only valid until end of January. Which basically means that I should really go to the local store this week and make sure I do not waste those precious -20%, right? 😉 

Of course I have to be prepared for that visit – even though spring is still a bit to go, I wanna buy some colorful, pretty spring decoration. For me, light green is the absolute spring color! It is refreshing after a dark, grey winter and it goes very well to combine with other colors. I have a lot of white things, both in the apartment and in my decoration storage, like candle holders, vases etc. Green goes perfect with that.

So, as preparation for my shopping tour I checked out their homepage to get inspired and to have a first peek at this year’s spring collection…


…and immediately fell in love with this fabric! As you can see it is not green but I love it nonetheless. The small pattern, the intense blue – I think it is a very pretty, cool summer fabric and I can already see it being friendly with my sewing machine, especially after seeing it in use:

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 16.17.02

Luckily, I also found some pretty green and white things…


Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 16.17.39


Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 16.18.11


Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 16.18.15

The great thing about Village is that they provide almost everything they show in their inspirational pictures – not only the vase but also the white cord that is wrapped around it, not only the white egg cup but also the plant decoration with it to pep up your own table decoration at home. That makes it really easy to be not only inspired by their ideas but to create your own decorations really easily.

One more decoration element that caught my eye were those hanging hearts that are made of recycled newspapers. They come in different sizes and colors and I can imagine that it would be very easy to color them yourself with spray color. Might try that one…



And last but not I found some lanterns that made me longing after the first evening grill party on the balcony…




They go perfectly to combine with a lighting chain, wrapped around the balcony banister…


Let’s see what else I’ll find during my Village visit… 🙂

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