The Notebook

For the last week, I’ve tried to find a pretty scratchbook-notepad-writingbook-thingie. One with a pretty cover, not just some white or grey or black one that says “notepad” on it. But not one with pink cheesy flowers or weird abstract patterns either. I wanted to use it for sketching my sewing and decoration ideas or any other pretty thoughts coming to my mind. So I wanted it to be inspiring and it should somehow fit my personality and the purpose. I know, I know, quite some requirements. But creativity needs special surroundings, doesn’t it? 

After running to xx different stores without success, I bought a very boring one and decided to do something I haven’t done in years: making a paper collage for the cover. When I was in high school, I used to make collages for everything. Notebook covers, presents, wrapping paper, binders or simply for using them as a picture. Some of them had a specific subject, some were made after a color scheme, others were made according to friends’ orders 🙂

One of my favorite collages was the cover for a small binder that I used in school – I like it so much that I still use the binder and have fixed it with tape and adhesive foil about thousand times, to keep it from falling apart. The subject for this one was women…



I was crazy about all kinds of magazines and brochures that time, as those were my sources for the pictures I used for the collages. My biggest project during that time was the door to my room – it ended up covered in collages all the way!

So, as the hunt after a pretty notebook was unsuccessful I decided to make my own. I bought an interior magazine and got started …


The notebook before the makeover …

... and the magazine for my material :)

… and the magazine for my material 🙂

I randomly flipped through the magazine, cutting out everything that I liked …


The cutting usually makes it hard to read the magazines …


… but aren’t interior magazines more for looking at the pictures than for reading anyway?


Pictures, glue and something that’s gonna be “collaged” – ready, steady, go!

I ended up with quite a lot of pictures and parts of the magazine that I liked and after trying, putting them on the notebook, re-ordering them for ten times, that was the result …


I eventually used only black and white but as the pieces are quite different and with a lot of small detailed, there is still a lot to see and discover.


Detail Nr. 1


Detail Nr. 2

Detail Nr. 3

Detail Nr. 3

I am not 100% happy with the result and as I haven’t collaged for many years, it was much harder than it used to be 😀 But I enjoyed it a lot, kept all the pieces that I did not use for this collage and can’t wait to get started with the next one… And I’m really happy that I now have a pretty place for all my thoughts about pretty things 🙂


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