Snowflakes keep falling on my head…

After a rainy week in Sweden before Christmas and a 15-degrees-Christmas with even more rain in Austria I was really disappointed by this winter. Back in Sweden since NYE, it has been rainy and grey for almost two weeks (except for one or two days when the sun peaked through the clouds) and my disappointment changed to anger and was close to become desperation. Until yesterday. That was when the sun made her appearance after a long absence. Continue reading

My Pretty-Things-Drawer

When doing the first proper clean-up in the new year, I found a lot of stuff all over our apartment that didn’t really have a place – Christmas and birthday cards, the content of my mum’s Christmas calendar, my hair decoration from our NYE party and so on and on and on… As the clean-up itself took already quite some time, I was too tired to store the stuff properly right away. So I just put it into one of the drawers of my bedside table – which has already been filled with a lot of pretty memory things, phone rechargers and old glasses. And after this load it looked like this… Continue reading

Resolutions. Or so.

After two weeks of Christmas-NYE-Visitors-Everything-Is-Upside-Down the New Year is finally arriving in my life too and I’m getting back to a daily routine, including blogging 🙂

And what else could be the perfect subject for the first post in the New Year than New Year’s Resolutions, ha?! Probably really boring as you can read something about it everywhere. But I’ll still write about it. It’s my blog after all 😉

So. New Year’s Resolutions. I hate them. Continue reading