Livet är underbart #1

New month, new project.

Actually, it should be “New year, new project.” As I came up for the idea for this blog project in the end of last year and thought then – hey, that’s the perfect start into my new blog year. Well… you know how it goes, time passes by, there’s so much to do after Christmas and NYE and suddenly it’s February and you realize you haven’t started the project. But now is as good as always, isn’t it? 🙂

So, new project. It’s about photography.  I do have quite a lot of photo albums (like, real ones with paper and so) with a lot my pictures printed and sorted and put in the albums in a couple of looong, long photo-sorting-days. And I try to keep the albums up to date and to continuously add more pictures. But most of my (and probably yours, too) pictures are sleeping on the hard drive, which I think is a pity. And that was how the idea for the project came to my mind – a photo post with pictures, once a week. And as it’s mostly pictures from longer ago that I’m not looking at that often, it will be photo posts from the past. Holiday travels, nature trips, city snapshots, daily-life pictures. I hope you enjoy them, I hope they inspire you to take photos yourself, to travel, to go through the world with open eyes, to enjoy life 🙂

When I tried to come up with a title for the blog posts I dropped almost every idea the same minute I came up with it. “Photo Blast from the Past” – Heidi Klum is using it on her Twitter. Eeeh. “Weekly Photo Post” – can it get more boring? “Journey through my Photo Past” – can it get more cheesy? Then I stumbled over this picture when I chose the ones for the first post:


“Livet är underbart” means “the life is wonderful” in Swedish. I took the picture in one of Stockholm’s metro stations (some of them were turned into real art pieces by different artists, but that might me subject for another post) and I love it a lot! I think it says everything about life – it is wonderful, isn’t it? – and also about photography. So, there it was, the title for my new photo project. But now it’s time for the actual post…

The first trip on which I took my then brand-new SLR with me happened in March 2010. I went to Stockholm with my mum, it was freaking cold but most of the days we had awesome blue-sky-bright-sun winter weather. I had not really an idea how the camera actually worked but I fell in love with her and with photography immediately. And although I was a total SLR newcomer back then, I really like the pictures and they remind me of one of my best trips to Stockholm I’ve ever had 🙂













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