Livet är underbart #2

How great is that – I started this blog-/photo-project only two weeks ago and already last week I forgot to make my weekly post. Self-discipline calling… or maybe rather me being forgetful?! Anyway, I’ll make it up to you this week, promise.

From Stockholm in post #1 we now go on to my home town in Austria. I should actually rather call it my home village, as with about 8.000 inhabitants it is far from being a town. It is surrounded by lakes and mountains and although this makes that the clouds get stuck there very often and it can be quite rainy, the nature is beautiful. In summer, the lakes are perfect for bathing, the mountains perfect for hiking. And in winter it’s most of the time the perfect winter wonderland. Too bad it wasn’t when I visited for Christmas…

Browsing through my pictures, I found some from Easter 2010 (wow, how time flies!) when a very good friend from Sweden who lived in Vienna during that time came to visit me, my parents and my brother. We were lucky as there was still some snow on the mountains but the sun was already warm and strong enough so that we could work on our tan… 😉




As great as it was for us during childhood to have a skiing resort right in front of our noses – the memory of the skiing classes is not that great… 😉







Train stations always make me wanna go away… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Livet är underbart #2

    • Oh, thanks, I’m glad you like them! I took them just a couple of weeks after I got my camera, so now that I have a bit more photo experience I would take them with totally different settings 😉

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