But now it’s really time for Spring…

After my last post – so one and a half weeks ago, time passes so fast – I escaped the cold, grey, wintery weather here in Sweden and took a plane to Spain. Yes. I enjoyed a whole week of Spanish Spring and it was amazing.

Warm, beach, sunny, sea. Blooming flowers, green grass. Being outside without five layers of clothes.

Don’t get the wrong idea – it was far from really hot summer weather and no, we did not take a swim in the sea. For that it is definitely too early. But it was amazing to feel the sun on the skin, to sit outside in the restaurants, to see the nature waking up. It was perfect for recharging my batteries and filling up my body with sun.

However, returning to Sweden was hard. And cold. And windy. And snowy. And nononono. In order to avoid a total after-holidays-breakdown, I’ve decided that it’s time for spring also here – now. As I have not yet succeeded in making the nature jump one month ahead, I started with bringing the spring in our home and took out all the spring decorations that I’ve accumulated during the last weeks…


The Iittala candle holder I got from a friend some years ago – I love the combination of the simple shape with the fresh color which shines even more intense with a lighted candle.


Decoration stones are a must have – they can be used in so many different ways.


Usually I’m not a big fan of artificial flowers. But I have one decoration idea which might me a bit tricky with real flowers, so those are perfect…


Those candle holders from IKEA are really great because you can use them with both tealights and chandeliers candles – just flip them around 🙂


I love this small flower pot – it’s perfect for all kind of spring pot plants like crocus or hyacinth: once they are withered, I just replace them with a new small pot 🙂


Napkins in spring colors, yesss!


And of course some spring fabric… let’s see what I will turn it into 🙂

That’s what I’m busy with this weekend. And once Mother Nature sees the pretty spring colors inside she’ll for sure catch up really, really soon 😉 Happy Weekend!

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