Livet är underbart #4

Spring is not letting me go 😉 Browsing through some old pictures of spring and spring decoration to get inspired I stumbled upon some of my first flower shots that I did with my SLR… perfect for the next post with photos from the past!


Now I would do some things quite differently when taking shots like these – using different settings, focuses, zooms and so on. Most of the pictures back than I took with the automatic landscape program.


When I got my camera, I was really motivated to read the manual that came with it and get to know all the different things you can do with it. I also bought one of those huge books for “Digital Photography” and even started to read it.


It didn’t take long and I was so confused and overwhelmed by all those terms and settings and so on… So instead of studying the stuff by heart, I just took the camera and played around with it.


Afterwards, I think that it was a good way to get to know my camera and photography. I made the experience that – as with so many other creative things – it involves a lot of learning-by-doing.


And when I last autumn finally took a professional photo course, I was really happy that I had used my camera so much during the years – suddenly I understood all the different terms and settings much easier and I am convinced that I benefitted much more from the course than some of the participants who had bought there camera only a couple of weeks before.


Enjoy your sunday!

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