Frustration Control

I just had a major frustration moment with sewing machine and fabric. What is it with this huge gap between sewing-theory and sewing-reality?!?

So… as I did not want to end up throwing my sewing machine out of the window and as I started being cranky with not only me but also my environment (sorry!), I decided to put an end to my sewing day. And instead did some comfort-onlineshop-browsing through the homepage of one of my most favorite Swedish shops: Ordning & Reda

The colors! The clear design! I’m in love with it! Already looking at all those pretty things makes me much happier 🙂

I used to buy my yearly diaries from there, a card holder for all those customer-bonus-cards and a notebook.

But the greatest things are actually their photo albums. I have all my photo albums from Ordning & Reda. They have the classic ones where you get a certain, limited number of pages. And then they also have those amazing ringbinders. I like them so much because they can be expanded and you can add more photo paper that they of course also sell. It’s simply great NOT to have to fill the last two pages of a photo album just because they are in the album – although you don’t have any more photos that fit with the ones that are already there. With the ringbinders you can just take the pages out or add some more. So easy, so great!

And now that I’ve been calmed down by those nice products I think I’m gonna cut some fabric for tomorrow’s sewing session… and if the frustration comes back, I might just buy something from the online shop 😉


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