Livet är underbart #5

This week’s photo post goes to my brother and his great passion – surfing! And when I talk about surfing, I do not mean windsurfing but surfing waves 😉

When I think back to our childhood, I can not even remember a time when he didn’t surf (or talk/read/dream about it, as we do not really have ocean in Austria, so surfing is a bit tricky). He started off with one of those awful styrofoam bodyboards you buy for kids during summer-beach-holidays when we spent our summers in Spain. After some summers with those boards, he insisted on buying a real surfboard. I remember it being really hard to get one in Austria and then to transport it to Spain. However, once the board made it to Spain he basically didn’t come out of the water anymore 🙂 And then the whole surfing took its course… he turned out to be really good at it, without ever taking a surfing course. That happened only quite late and it ended up with becoming Austria’s youngest official Surf Instructor ever – not that I wanna brag with my brother but I think it’s pretty cool!

As said before, surfing in Austria is a bit tricky due to the lack of ocean. However, there is something called riversurfing. It’s basically surfing in a river on a standing waves which can be formed either naturally or artificially. There’s not that many spots where you can you that but there’s one close to our hometown. How lucky can you be! 🙂

It was two years ago when we did the first riversurfing photo shoot together at that spot, here are some of the shoots…





It’s hard though to get the whole thing about riversurfing when only look at pictures. Before I saw my brother and his friends surfing in the river the first time, I was always wondering how this actually works… like, a wave in a river?!? Well, it works. And it’s really awesome and somehow even cooler than surfing in the ocean (if that’s possible). Some time ago, they made a really great video (click here) about a surfing session at the spot – everytime I watch it, I’m admiring them more and more 😉 And as my brother seems to be even better than two years ago, I thin it’s time for another photo shoot next time I’m home…


2 thoughts on “Livet är underbart #5

    • I think it takes a while to get the clue how to do it 🙂
      If you’re up for trying it another time you can for sure contact my brother and exchange some river surf experiences – he now even opened his own surfshop/surfplatform and is happy to hear from other surfers:
      Good luck, keep on surfing!

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