The other kind of charity …

This is one post I’ve wanted to write weeks ago already. But I’ve been so busy with real life stuff that it skipped my mind. Luckily, I got reminded about it today when I read another article about it on an Austrian news site. And although I’ve loads of work to do this week and I’ve this one project coming up – about which I hope to be able to tell you by the end of the week, until then psssst! it’s a secret – I’ll write about it now.

It’s about the Life Ball 2013 – a huge charity charity event in Vienna for people with HIV or AIDS, organized by Gery Keszler and his team. The first Life Ball took place in 1993, so exactly 20 years ago. Back then it was a really small event – today it is the biggest charity event in Europe with HIV/AIDS background. It’s known internationally, the guests come from all over the world, united for one thing: fighting against AIDS. But – it’s not one of those boring charity events you might think of now, with people standing around, sipping drinks and eating canapés, waiting for a half-known show act and donating on their way out of the door. No. Not at all. It’s a party. A big, glamorous, amazing, day-and-night-and-day long, touching, inspiring, strong party.

Each year, there is one big fashion designer – Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Roberto Cavalli, Paco Rabanne to name just a few – presenting the event’s fashion show. And as it would be too boring to have only professional models walking down the catwalk – such as Heidi Klum, Marcus Schenkenberg or Naomi Campbell – there are always other non-modelling stars joining them, which makes the fashion show even more hilarious 😉

One speciality about the Life Ball is the costumes of the visitors. Every Life Ball has a motto which serves as a guidelines for the costumes (you can of course also go to the ball without costume but ball gown and suit and stuff, but I mean…). The last four years the mottos were the four elements water, wind, fire and earth. This year it’s 1001 Nights – it takes the night to see the stars!

In order to ensure that the costumes will be as beautiful/crazy/unusual/glamorous as possible and will fit with the motto, the organization behind the life ball publish the so-called “Style Bible”, giving inspiration to the visitors and making sure they are in the right mood for this year’s motto. And as it was with the style bibles of the last few years, I am again amazed by the pictures. Or no, by those pieces of art. Because that is what they are. I am not a big fan of the 1001 Nights style – for my taste, everything is just too much. But THIS is just amazing! Not only how it is done but with what ideas they came up, how they turned them into reality, everything. I think this year’s style bible screams Life Ball – because if there is a place and party where too much is not enough, then it is the Life Ball 😉

Here are some of the pictures… to get even more inspiration and also background information about the making of, the Life Ball itself and to read some stories about 1001 Nights, just click here and visit the Style Bible website!

style1 copy style2 copy style3 copy

PS: I could never fit all the info, facts, stories about the Life Ball in this little post (or, I could do it partly but don’t have time for it right now) – but I can apart from the Life Ball homepage itself (I’ve linked to it in the beginning of the blog) recommend to read the Wikipedia entry about it which gives quite a good overview as well.

PPS: Picture source was Style Bible homepage.


2 thoughts on “The other kind of charity …

  1. It’s because of charities like this that amazing advances are being made in research! I just read an article, yesterday, that a baby in the U.S. was “cured” of HIV. I think it’s very promising for everyone suffering with HIV/AIDS.

    • Yes, I read about that too, it’s great! And what I like so much about the Life Ball is that it’s not a charity that is pitying “those poor HIV/AIDS people” but that is celebrating LIFE in a huge party! 🙂

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