Livet är underbart #6

Okay, this week’s photo post is gonna be a short one (it’s a very lazy Sunday today, as we had a birthday party from a dear friend which lasted until… well, very late). But I like the pictures because they remind me of a really good spring/summer-night I had in Vienna a couple of years ago.

It was end of May, which is a really good time in Vienna because it is already warm, you can spend time outside, the summer-feeling has reached the city but it’s not yet holiday season, so there is still a lot of people in town.


This shot of the Vienna Opera House is one of my favorite shots I’ve ever done – the light is simply amazing! I took the picture from the entry platform of the Albertina museum next to the opera with its impressive flying roof, called “Soravia Wing” from the architect Hans Hollein – you can see a part of the wing at the upper edge of the picture. Usually I try to get pictures of things and especially buildings as “clean” as possible, so with as little other things in the pictures as possible. However, the part of the wing gives a lot of depth and perspective to the picture and makes the opera look even more impressive and strong. The Albertina museum is by the way an amazing museum, one of my favorite’s in Vienna. If you ever have the chance to go there, do it!


Another picture with kind of an interesting perspective… I remember that I changed my place like 500 times before I actually took the picture. I wanted to make the roof of the Hofburg Palace fit into the picture in some way – and ended up just taking a random shot and giving up after that. But also with this one I think the perspective makes the picture look interesting, and the dark and heavy clouds (it was a very sticky, thunderstormy day) add its part to it.


THE place to be during summer nights – Museumsquartier or shortly MQ. The MQ is a 60.000 m2 big cultural area in the middle of Vienna. It houses a lot of museum and other art and cultural institutions, it’s a biiiiig courtyard with restaurants and cafés and in summer it’s full of people. The restaurants and cafés have their bars opened in the courtyard and then there is this awesome seating furniture, called Enzi (after the marketing manager of the MQ), which are basically always occupied and not even that comfy but still great! There is often DJs playing in the courtyard which gives the right soundtrack. The amazing thing about MQ is that you can just go there and hang out, sit in the sun, take your own beers with you, meet friends – it’s somehow like a big park, just without the grass 🙂 Aaaand they have this there…


…an old fashioned photo automat where you can really cool black-and-white photo strips in really bad quality – and absolute must!

Oh Vienna, my love!

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