Fabric present

When my mum came here for visiting last week, she has not only brought me a suitcase full of (childhood) books that I still had in Vienna but also two biiiig pieces of fabric!

She bought the fabric some time ago, fully motivated for making new pillow cases. Well… loads of other things came up and that’s why the fabric now ended up with me – I’m a lucky girl, having the best mum in the world 😉

And it’s not only some kind of fabric: it’s Marimekko fabric!! As you maybe recall from one of my first blog posts, I’m slightly crazy about Marimekko 🙂 That’s why I’m especially happy about this gift!

I got Mummolan and Myllymäki – and I can’t wait  to get my sewing machine started!!


(picture from http://www.marimekko.fi)


(picture from http://www.marimekko.fi)

I think the design of Mummolan, with the different berries on different backgrounds, screams for some kitchen stuff. Place settings? Aprons? Table clothes? Seating pillows?

And the small pattern of Myllymäki would fit really well for some kind of bags. Laptop sleeves? Small spring-summery shoulder bags? Or pillow cases, to bring some color on the living room sofa?

Oooh, decisions are not my strong side… 😉

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