Livet är underbart #8

One of the best places in Stockholm, especially during spring and summer, is the open air museum Skansen. It is located on Djurgarden, one of the many islands of Stockholm, and was founded in 1891. It houses a zoo but its main purpose is to show how the different areas of Sweden looked during the 19th century – with a special focus on how the people lived during this time. There is a vegetable garden where people in farmers’ costumes grow vegetables, a bakery where the baker bakes delicious cinnamon buns in an original oven from the 19th century, old farming houses and stables and so much more. It’s so much to see and to and experience that it is basically impossible to explore the whole “museum” at one time. I’ve been there more than once and still haven’t seen all of it…


The queue – it is indeed a popular place 🙂


Mmmmmh, kanelbullar!


A swedish midsommarstång 🙂


They look so peaceful…

Apart from the open air museum and the zoo it also houses a big, big stage. During summer, a lot of different concerts from (more or less) famous Swedish bands take place on the stage – as does also one of the most famous Swedish happenings: Allsång på Skansen

Allsång (translated word by word “all song”) is a concert where bands or musicians play Swedish songs in public and the audience sings along. Allsång happens all over the country – in some cities in a very unspectacular way in some small park. However, in other cities like Stockholm or Göteborg Allsång takes place on big public stages and is broadcasted on TV!

I experiences my first “live” Allsång på Skansen in August 2010 when I spent the summer working in Stockholm. The fun thing was that me and my parents who were there for visiting just wanted to spend a sunny afternoon in Skansen – and only after walking around for at least an hour or so we discovered that it was Allsång … 🙂 And as if that wasn’t surprise enough one of my most favorite swedish bands – Mando Diao – was part of the Allsång program that day! You can’t imagine how happy I was! So our Skansen afternoon turned into a whole Skansen day because we of course had to stay until the TV broadcast started, it was not enough just to hear them make the soundcheck 🙂 It was quite some hours of waiting, lots and lots of people, we didn’t actually see that much of the stage nor did we have seats… but it was worth it 😉


People… and more people…


…and more people… waiting, impatiently… 🙂


Mando Diao


The perfect ending for a perfect day!

PS: A very big thank you goes to my dad who let me sit on his shoulders like a small girl during almost the whole concert so that I could actually see something… he’s the best 🙂

PPS: The only not-so-nice memory of this day is that I walked past the whole band when they had a smoking break behind their trailer but was too overwhelmed to go and ask them for taking a picture… I’m still regretting it!

PPPS: And yes, I felt like a 15-year-old-teenage girl that day, I admit it 😉

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