Let’s start the holidays!

Today evening we officially start into this year’s Easter Holiday – one more reason to go over the top with spring decorations!

We will spend it at home, fixing stuff in the apartment, relax after all our visitors, enjoy the spring in the air and do some Easter stuff 😉

In order to get into the right mood already before this short holiday, I did some decoration last week: 2 Easter Trees 🙂 It turned out to be two of them as I took my Austrian Easter Tree decoration with me when moving to Sweden, so I wanted to use it. And then I also wanted to have a Swedish Easter Tree.


In Austria, we put colored egg shells on our Easter Trees 🙂



Those hand-made eggs I bought last year on an Easter Market in Vienna
– and almost all of them survived until this year 😉



Usually the Easter Tree is made of pussy willow branches
but as I couldn’t find nice ones here I also made the Austrian version with birch – works fine!



Every time I look at the eggs I’m amazed by the details in the drawings,
how incredibly patient one has to be to create such pretty things…



Last year’s Easter Tree suffered from my clumsy hoovering skills – two eggs broke.
Let’s see how I will manage this year…



Green, green, green… honestly, I didn’t expect the branches to get that many leaves 🙂

The stronger branches my mum and I collected on a trip to one of the islands in the archipelago. A guy was getting his yard ready for spring and cutting trees. When we asked whether we can collect the branches he was sooo happy as he this way didn’t have to collect them himself 😉 And this way I got freshly cut branches for free! Probably the guy thought that we were crazy…

The thinner birch branches I bought in a local flower store. I got them in their natural color, but they are also sold colored in pink, purple, yellow and many more…


The typical swedish Easter Tree comes with feathers in all kind of colors
– purple, yellow, green, black, white…



I went for basic colors – red, green, yellow, white – as I thought
they go best with the natural colors of the branches.



That’s my favorite blossom – it was sooo small in the beginning and now you can almost watch it grow.
Nature is amazing!

Happy Easter Holiday Start!

8 thoughts on “Let’s start the holidays!

    • Oh, I didn’t paint the eggs myself! I bought them at an Easter market in Vienna last year. I would never ever be able to make something detailed like that 😉 And yes, I had a really great Easter holiday – how could it not be with those nice eggs around 🙂

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