Catchin’ up!

After my Easter posts I just didn’t make it for another post, for some good reasons… First of all, my to-do-list after the Easter weekend felt endless. And second, I went to Vienna for a 4 days holiday 🙂

Back to normal life today I’ve realized that I missed out on three of my photo posts about how wonderful life is (including the one that is yet to come this week). As I got up at 4 this morning I’m not gonna start catching up on those blog posts.

But I’ll keep with this post’s title – catchin’ up. That was one of the main reasons for my holidays in Vienna. Meet friends, have hour long brunches, sort out some childhood memory stuff that is left at my old apartment, attend a friend’s graduation (congrats again, I can’t say it too often!!), check out what has changed in the city. I didn’t take a lot of pictures in Vienna. The weather was too grey and too uÀÀÀh to keep fingers outside of pockets. And then I also have quite a lot of Vienna pictures already, haven’t I?

However, two things really touched my heart. And of those I took pictures.

The first things was: Stephansdom. St. Stephan’s Cathedral.


Just a church might one say. Impressive and beautiful. But still. I have seen it hundreds of times. Why it touched my heart this time? Because it was the first time in YEARS that I have seen it without renovation scaffolds and covers. And because it was the first time FOREVER that I have seen it actually clean. White(ish) stones. Not as black as they used to be, from all the pollution. I was so amazed, I couldn’t stop staring at it. 😀

The second picture is of something maybe even more trivial than a church I’ve seen so often. It was a window lighting.


When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.

According to the window it was Jimi Hendrix who said the quote, and probably other people before and after him.

I discovered the lighting on the way home from dinner and I was moved to tears. It sounds so simple, yet it is apparently so complicated?!


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