Hello Life!

Wow – 2,5 weeks without a blog post. And that even though I’ve been bragging about Catchin’ up in my last entry. But I have the world’s best excuse for the non-blogging – I started a new job! 🙂

I’ve been looking for a new job for quite some time, so I was over the roof when the recruiter called me and told me that she had an offer for me 🙂

However, a new job is always exhausting. Many new people to meet, many new things to learn, many new routines to take on. And in my case it also includes working in a new language – it’s my first full-time and for-real-not-only-summer job in Swedish. It’s exciting, I love the job and my tasks, the language is going better and better every day, it’s easy to get up every morning – that’s a good sign. But I’ve been tired. Like, not only tired, but TIRED. The type of  “coming home, eating, getting comfy on the sofa, going to bed at half past ten” tired.

And that’s pretty much the explanation from my blogging-absence (and for every other absence – communication and activities of any kind hasn’t been my strong side those last two weeks – sorry friends and family) 🙂

It’s getting better every day though and I can manage to stay awake until ten 😛 And one thing I also manage quite well is the game of “what to buy from my first salary?” – it’s awesome …

I definitely need a new black handbag and for me, there’s only one brand when I’m specifically looking for a handbag – Liebeskind Berlin – I love it! So I think I’ll spend the rest of my Saturday afternoon with catching up on all the blogs and clicking through the Liebeskind online shop, trying to decide for a bag 🙂

Happy weekend!

6 thoughts on “Hello Life!

  1. Congratulations on your new job, how exciting for you! I completely understand how tired you must be feeling…a new job always requires so much focus, but after a little while once you start to “fit in” it fortunately gets easier!

    • Thanks!! It feels really great to be back in a job that makes me like getting up every morning 🙂 I can already feel that I have more routine and energy – probably also because it finally really feels like spring here!

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