Spice up your life!

Today we had dinner in the city and we were not sitting INSIDE the restaurant but OUTSIDE – first time this year! And it felt amazing 🙂 spring is so wonderful! It’s amazing how bright and light it is outside. These days the sun rises a bit after 5am and sets around 9pm – it surprises and confuses me again every day 😉

As every season, spring is great for decoration. However, apart from my spring-prep post I haven’t shared any of the “springness” here. As I’m slowly getting back to my usual energy level after the first weeks of new job, I hereby announce some spring-posts-to-come-this-week 😉

An absolute must have during spring and summer are herbs. I do not have a very green thumb so I’m not a big fan of buying more than two pots of basil in the supermarket (which I’ll usually throw away after two weeks because they just didn’t want to be with me and my not-green-thumb 😉 ). This year it’s different – we went to a real garden center and bought five (!!) different herbs and are really putting effort into them: not only when it comes to the right amount of water and the perfect place but also the decoration 🙂


Basil – it really loves its sunny and dry place,
it’s growing so fast that we aren’t able to keep up with eating it.



Rosemary – it’s the best for oven vegetables!



Oregano – our self-made pizza tastes even better that way.



Thyme – it tastes surprisingly awesome with salad and of course with any kind of grill meat!


Chive – put in on a bread with butter and you’re in the heaven of spring tastes!


Decoration – simple galvanised pots, fitting name plates and a green ribbon around: our herbs love it 🙂

4 thoughts on “Spice up your life!

  1. Lovely post! 🙂
    We are in the process of starting a kitchen garden too! So far we have lettuce, peas, pumpkins and tomatoes going, but I am hoping to get onto herbs soon 🙂

    • Thanks!! 🙂
      We’re having a bit trouble with our thyme but the rest is growing like crazy!! Unfortunately we don’t have a yard and our balcony is too windy, so pumpkins & co. don’t have a chance…

      • any tips about pumpkins? my toddler planted pumpkin seeds last week and they’re coming up already, but we don’t know the first thing about growing them! we have a balcony and a terrace, but that’s all…

      • To be honest, I have no idea about pumpkins… I remember that my grandparents had them in their yard and that they grew like crazy! It was a quite rainy area so I guess they are not afraid of too much water 😉 Let me know how it’s going with them!

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