Green, green, green …

With every day it feels more like spring and summer are here for good now – my nose got its first sunburn of the year! 😀

As mentioned before, the absolute spring color for me is green. So that’s the color that can be found all over the apartment… 🙂


One might think that candles in the bathroom are unnecessary
as we don’t have a bathtub and therefore no romantic baths…



… but who says you that folding laundry can’t be romantic either? 😉


I love simple glass vases – they can be used
throughout the year with all kind of decoration inside!



The tree cone is the same I use for my christmas decoration 😉
The flowers, I admit, are plastic… but as the vase is without water
real flowers would be suffering too much!



White deco stones are as essential for deco as plain glass vases 😉
The piece of wood I picked up on the way home from the beach…



Tulips, candles, table runner…



…the table runner is the same during whole spring, candles and tulips I change to different colors 🙂



Those vases/candle holders I bought years ago in Stockholm.
Mostly I use them just as they are 🙂



Those candles have burned for quite a while now…
I hope the white one makes it until I change to summer deco and new colors 😉

One thought on “Green, green, green …

  1. I have green around the house as well! And the spring green of the new birch leaves is just so beautiful…and it lasts such a short time! I have gotten a few freckles across my nose and little color…so nice after a long winter!

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