I am Stephanie, an Austrian girl living Sweden, and I like pretty things – amazing sunsets, comfy furniture, fancy cupcakes, gorgeous decoration. Those are what make my life special and beautiful, inspire me for creating my own pretty things and make me happy. I do them myself or I go out to find them, mostly armed with my camera taking pictures of everything. And that’s the reason behind the title of my blog:

Sachensucherin. Turnupstuffer. Sakletare.

It comes from one of my most favourite books – Pippi Langstrumpf (or Longstocking or Långstrump) by Astrid Lindgren. In one of her adventures, Pippi and her friends Tommi and Annika play a game where they are so called Sachensucher (or turnupstuffers or sakletare). They wander around with open eyes, looking for things. Things that are pretty. Things they can have fun with. Things that are just somewhere out there. This way, Annika finds a beautiful pearl necklace. Tommi finds an instrument. And Pippi finds the mayor of the city, sleeping in the grass, and starts to feed him with hawkbit …

So, with this blog I want to share the pretty things I find or do or make and hopefully inspire people to bring some prettyness in their life, too. I’m looking forward to your visits, comments and input – see you here! 🙂

PS: Thanks to Hanna for inspiring me with her own blog about her passion and for showing me that pretty things are my passion!

PPS: Thanks to my mum for brainstorming about the blog’s name and for making Pippi to such a big part of my life 🙂

PPPS: Thanks to Joonas for pushing me to finally get the blog going, helping me with setting it up and for the first sponsorship 😉

PPPPS: Unless stated otherwise, the copyright of pictures lies with me.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your visit and lovely comment on my blog! This is such a fantastic and well-written About page…I couldn’t agree more with your philosophy, and it’s actually something that I’ve struggled to put into words myself — you’ve captured it beautifully here. Can’t wait to see your posts!


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