Driving Home for Christmas

Everything is packed, my suitcase is full of pretty things and I am in real holiday feeling – I’m going home to Austria for Christmas! But before I disappear completely into the wonderful world of Christmas…

Merry Christmas – God Jul – Hyvää Joulua – Frohe Weihnachten 🙂


The Unexpected Second Round of Decorating the Christmas Tree

Last week I was a very lucky girl. Especially on Friday. Because on Friday I got mail from Austria. Old-fashioned mail, a letter and so. Handwritten even! It was an amazing greeting card from a very, very dear friend that I’ve known for all my life. And there even was a little Christmas something in the letter that led to the (as the title of this post already gives away) unexpected second round of decorating the Christmas tree – a beautiful, little guardian angel that fits our tree perfectly.  Continue reading

Christmas isn’t Christmas without Cookies, Part 3

One of the most Swedish Christmas traditions is to bake pepparkakor – ginger bread cookies 🙂 For me, those are the best cookies to bake because I get to use all my great cookie cutters… Continue reading

Christmas without Cookies isn’t Christmas, Part 2

Christmas is coming closer and closer, the cookies are getting more and more… I’ll be so fed up with them afterwards, good that it’s a whole year until next Christmas 😛

Here comes a recipe that I got from a dear, old friend – also known as Linzerkipferl 😉 – already quite some years ago. Back then I of course didn’t write it up or so, thinking that this is so easy I’ll sure remember it. Not. Neither did I remember the exact ingredients, apart from chocolate, nor how much I would need of what. And to top that I didn’t remember the name either. Continue reading