Catchin’ up!

After my Easter posts I just didn’t make it for another post, for some good reasons… First of all, my to-do-list after the Easter weekend felt endless. And second, I went to Vienna for a 4 days holiday 🙂

Back to normal life today I’ve realized that I missed out on three of my photo posts about how wonderful life is (including the one that is yet to come this week). As I got up at 4 this morning I’m not gonna start catching up on those blog posts.

But I’ll keep with this post’s title – catchin’ up. That was one of the main reasons for my holidays in Vienna. Meet friends, have hour long brunches, sort out some childhood memory stuff that is left at my old apartment, attend a friend’s graduation (congrats again, I can’t say it too often!!), check out what has changed in the city. I didn’t take a lot of pictures in Vienna. The weather was too grey and too uäääh to keep fingers outside of pockets. And then I also have quite a lot of Vienna pictures already, haven’t I?

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Getting out of Town

Today I’m off and out of town for something really special and amazing – having a typical Svensk Julbord in the Göteborg Archipelago, staying over night in a cosy hotel and enjoying this great experience 🙂 So, I’m back to glögg, pepparkakor, food, food and more food, leaving you with a wintery archipelago impression…


Long time no see …

My blog-self-discipline has been suffering for quite a while now – but I’ll make it up with some amazing autumn pictures from my trip to Austria 🙂

I went to Austria for a whole week to see friends and family and to pack some things that I forgot to take with me when I moved to Sweden 😉 First stop was Vienna, it was amazing to meet my friends there and visit some my favourite places all over town!

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Big city life!

I am currently in Stockholm, weekend holiday in the big city. I’ve been here quite often and the city is simply amazing – the water, the architecture, the shops, the people, the feeling. It is a city where I discover something new everytime I’m here.

However, there are also places that are on my to-do-list everytime I come here. One of them is Fotografiska, Stockholm’s Museum for Photography, where I am right now. I’ve seen a lot of memorable exhibitions here, especially Annie Leibovitz and also Lennart Nilsson with his touching pictures about the development of a child.

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