Christmas isn’t Christmas without Cookies, Part 3

One of the most Swedish Christmas traditions is to bake pepparkakor – ginger bread cookies 🙂 For me, those are the best cookies to bake because I get to use all my great cookie cutters… Continue reading

Christmas without Cookies isn’t Christmas, Part 2

Christmas is coming closer and closer, the cookies are getting more and more… I’ll be so fed up with them afterwards, good that it’s a whole year until next Christmas 😛

Here comes a recipe that I got from a dear, old friend – also known as Linzerkipferl 😉 – already quite some years ago. Back then I of course didn’t write it up or so, thinking that this is so easy I’ll sure remember it. Not. Neither did I remember the exact ingredients, apart from chocolate, nor how much I would need of what. And to top that I didn’t remember the name either. Continue reading

Christmas without Cookies isn’t Christmas, Part 1

A must during Christmas time is of course baking Christmas cookies. Now, back home in Austria there are those really, really motivated and in my opinion admirable people who bake ten or twenty different sorts of cookies that are not only tasting amazing but also look like little artworks. Well, I am not that kind of baking person. Continue reading

It’s the most wonderful time of the year …

… it’s Christmas Time, finally! So from now on it’s Christmas cookies, Christmas presents, Christmas decoration, Christmas markets, Christmas punch, Christmas calendar, Christmas baking, Christmas everything 🙂

And what could be more fitting for December 1st than the most amazing, self-made Christmas calendar from my mum! Although I’m already more than quarter of a century old, I still get a Christmas calendar from here every year 🙂 Continue reading