The Unexpected Second Round of Decorating the Christmas Tree

Last week I was a very lucky girl. Especially on Friday. Because on Friday I got mail from Austria. Old-fashioned mail, a letter and so. Handwritten even! It was an amazing greeting card from a very, very dear friend that I’ve known for all my life. And there even was a little Christmas something in the letter that led to the (as the title of this post already gives away) unexpected second round of decorating the Christmas tree – a beautiful, little guardian angel that fits our tree perfectly.  Continue reading

O Tannenbaum

Red, green and white are my favorite Christmas colors, they spend so much warmth and cosiness… and  if the snow takes its time again, the white makes up for it 😉

It is still two weeks to go to Christmas, but it’s never too early to get everything ready for it. So, yesterday we went to get our Christmas tree (by public transport – people look like they’ve never seen trees before, when you carry one through almost the whole city and into a bus – big thanks to Joonas for the carrying). Continue reading

Candle in the Winter

Life is much prettier with candles. They make it warmer, cosier, really homey. And when are those feelings more important than during winter and Christmas time? Exactly: This time of the year is candle time! Continue reading