It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It’s a Tuesday evening, I’m sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and a warm cardigan, it’s raining outside – summer is over, autumn has arrived 🙂

You know what – it’s okay. I’m looking forward to these rainy and comfy days that you can spend inside, rummaging around in the apartment, watching movies, reading books, dreaming dreams… Getting a routine back in the daily life (that hopefully will include more blogging after this extended summer break 😉 ) and calming down after busy months.

But before diving into autumn life it feels like it is time for a summer recap. Kind of hard after this amazing summer. Maybe it’s best to leave you a picture of what was probably my most favorite place this summer…


…and a big, big thank you my family and my friends who made this summer with its sun and warmth, festivals and afterworks, beach days and city nights to one of the best summers ever!


Livet är underbart #5

This week’s photo post goes to my brother and his great passion – surfing! And when I talk about surfing, I do not mean windsurfing but surfing waves 😉

When I think back to our childhood, I can not even remember a time when he didn’t surf (or talk/read/dream about it, as we do not really have ocean in Austria, so surfing is a bit tricky). He started off with one of those awful styrofoam bodyboards you buy for kids during summer-beach-holidays when we spent our summers in Spain. After some summers with those boards, he insisted on buying a real surfboard. I remember it being really hard to get one in Austria and then to transport it to Spain. However, once the board made it to Spain he basically didn’t come out of the water anymore 🙂 And then the whole surfing took its course… he turned out to be really good at it, without ever taking a surfing course. That happened only quite late and it ended up with becoming Austria’s youngest official Surf Instructor ever – not that I wanna brag with my brother but I think it’s pretty cool! Continue reading