Livet är underbart #4

Spring is not letting me go 😉 Browsing through some old pictures of spring and spring decoration to get inspired I stumbled upon some of my first flower shots that I did with my SLR… perfect for the next post with photos from the past!


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Spring Preparations

One of my favorite swedish interior-decoration-design brands is Village. I bought a lot of this year’s Christmas decoration there as I left most of mine back home in Austria when moving to Sweden. And every single cookie box, Christmas tree ball or table cloth I bought there turned out to be a really good buy and made me and Christmas time even more special.

Now, when I cleaned up my wallet yesterday I discovered that I have a -20% voucher from Village left, that I got as a Thank You for one of my decoration shopping. Lucky me! And as it happens, the voucher is only valid until end of January. Which basically means that I should really go to the local store this week and make sure I do not waste those precious -20%, right? 😉  Continue reading

A Light in the Dark

December is definitely the darkest month of the year – short days, long nights and quite a lot of grey clouds (at least in here). But then there is all this beautiful Christmas things going on. And those make December to one of the most amazing months 🙂

In Sweden, one of the most important and most beautiful Christmas traditions is celebrating Lucia. It is celebrated on December 13th and there are Lucia processions all over town, in schools and kindergardens, in companies and hospitals. Lucia and her companions wear white, long dresses and carry candles with them – Lucia wears them in a crown on her head, the others usually simply hold them. They sing traditional Christmas songs and of course the songs about Lucia herself. And these song gives me a special, warm feeling and makes my heart melt every time I hear them. They describe how Lucia with her lights brings warmth and hope into the dark, how she lightens up everything, even through the darkest hour.

I spent my Lucia day out at dinner with friends and then we went to a Lucia concert together (unfortunately without my camera, so please excuse the not so amazing quality of the phone camera pictures). It was really heartwarming and afterwards I felt like the world around me is much lighter and friendlier 🙂



On the way home I got something that one should not miss to have on Lucia day: Lussekatter 🙂 It is really soft, fluffy buns made with saffron and two raisins on top that are only eaten during December and especially on Lucia day… the perfect ending for this special day!