Livet är underbart #8

One of the best places in Stockholm, especially during spring and summer, is the open air museum Skansen. It is located on Djurgarden, one of the many islands of Stockholm, and was founded in 1891. It houses a zoo but its main purpose is to show how the different areas of Sweden looked during the 19th century – with a special focus on how the people lived during this time. There is a vegetable garden where people in farmers’ costumes grow vegetables, a bakery where the baker bakes delicious cinnamon buns in an original oven from the 19th century, old farming houses and stables and so much more. It’s so much to see and to and experience that it is basically impossible to explore the whole “museum” at one time. I’ve been there more than once and still haven’t seen all of it… Continue reading

Livet är underbart #7

When I woke up this morning it was white outside. The night brought some snow. And as much as I love snow – this morning, I took the blanket and pulled it over my head. It’s time for spring. That means blue sky, golden sun, warmer temperatures, first flowers. NO SNOW.

So, what better there is than a past-photo-blog with some really summery pictures from a picnic in a biiiig park in Vienna. Oooh, right now I can’t even imagine how wonderful it must be to go outside without 500 layers of clothes. Or putting on summer dresses. Or staying outside long evening. Continue reading

Livet är underbart #6

Okay, this week’s photo post is gonna be a short one (it’s a very lazy Sunday today, as we had a birthday party from a dear friend which lasted until… well, very late). But I like the pictures because they remind me of a really good spring/summer-night I had in Vienna a couple of years ago.

It was end of May, which is a really good time in Vienna because it is already warm, you can spend time outside, the summer-feeling has reached the city but it’s not yet holiday season, so there is still a lot of people in town.

IMG_3528 Continue reading

Livet är underbart #5

This week’s photo post goes to my brother and his great passion – surfing! And when I talk about surfing, I do not mean windsurfing but surfing waves 😉

When I think back to our childhood, I can not even remember a time when he didn’t surf (or talk/read/dream about it, as we do not really have ocean in Austria, so surfing is a bit tricky). He started off with one of those awful styrofoam bodyboards you buy for kids during summer-beach-holidays when we spent our summers in Spain. After some summers with those boards, he insisted on buying a real surfboard. I remember it being really hard to get one in Austria and then to transport it to Spain. However, once the board made it to Spain he basically didn’t come out of the water anymore 🙂 And then the whole surfing took its course… he turned out to be really good at it, without ever taking a surfing course. That happened only quite late and it ended up with becoming Austria’s youngest official Surf Instructor ever – not that I wanna brag with my brother but I think it’s pretty cool! Continue reading