Best Friends

The last two weeks, Göteborg was full of film people – it was time for the biggest film festival of Northern Europe, the Göteborg International Film Festival.

We’ve been out to see some really, really good movies that would absolutely deserve an own post each of them 🙂 But was I liked most about the festival was actually the poster of this year’s festival…


It is so amazing that I’m constantly thinking about whether I should buy it or not – it would fit so well in the apartment 😉

Girls, Girls, Girls

Today it was due date. Due date for finally packing away the Christmas decoration. And I have to admit that I got a bit sad when I put everything in its boxes. As it is not yet really time for spring decoration, the apartment feels really empty now. Luckily I have the best distraction coming up tonight – Hanna and I are gonna have a real Girls Movie Night 🙂 Continue reading