A bunch of frozen lavender hair, please!

Winter is treating me well right now – it’s getting colder every day which also means that those three centimeters of snow are still out there and seem to stay for a couple of more days, yay!

I think winter is one of the most perfect times of the year to relive some childhood memories … going sledging, making snowball fights, hiding in igloos and of course building snowmen! As my little brother is unfortunately living too far away for reliving those memories with me, I dragged Joonas out into the cold and made him build a snowman with me – thanks 🙂 Continue reading

Snowflakes keep falling on my head…

After a rainy week in Sweden before Christmas and a 15-degrees-Christmas with even more rain in Austria I was really disappointed by this winter. Back in Sweden since NYE, it has been rainy and grey for almost two weeks (except for one or two days when the sun peaked through the clouds) and my disappointment changed to anger and was close to become desperation. Until yesterday. That was when the sun made her appearance after a long absence. Continue reading